Sale Items
Sale Items

WARNING:Extreme Sales Alert!!! WARNING

The sales documented on the following pages might just be the best ceramic tile sales known to man. Unless otherwise noted, these items are $0.50 per square foot.

Wall Tiles

Aria Ivory 9x12 Asater Grey 8x10 Bright Light Aspen 4x4 Camellia White 8x10 Grace Verde 6x8
Neron Azul Obscuro 8x10 Talia Lt. Blue 6x8 Topazio Pessego 8x12 Tropic Azul 6x8 Tropic Crema 6x8
Tropic Peach 6x8 Tropic Rosa 6x8 Tropic Verde 6x8 Alabastro Beige 8x10 Argenta Beige 10x14
Florida Beige 8x10 Florida Salmon 8x10

Floor Tiles

Sandra Beige Lustre 8x8 Perla Akoya Bone 18x18 Noce 16x16 Pietra di Assisi Beige 4x4 Ercolando 4x4
Tiera di Assisi Beige, 5 in. Rhomboid Pam Desert 5x5 Perla Akoya Bone 6x6 DC 14 Black 8x8 Peach 8x8
Etna Koya Beige 12x12 Carolina Seamist 12x12 Crema Marfil 12x12 Sinclair 13x13 silver Verde 12x12
Oyster White 13x13 Berlin Almond 13x13

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